Check out Indivisible's luscious opening movie right here


It’s nearly, almost, finally, really here

It’s been a very long wait, scuppered by numerous delays, but Lab Zero Games’ action-RPG Indivisible is almost upon us. In order to reignite fans’ interest in this long-in-development title, publisher 505 Games has released the opening anime to the mystical adventure.

Indivisible is the story of young Ajna, a girl with powers beyond her own comprehension, who sets out on a quest to discover the root of her abilities, awakened after her town is attacked by dark forces. The quest will take Ajna to far away lands, where she will meet new friends and enemies, as well as companions who will join her – literally and spiritually – on her journey. There’s actually a lot on show in this movie, and those who wish to go in to the game completely dark might want to consider giving it a miss.

The colourful and exciting opening movie was created by veteran companies Titmouse and Studio Trigger, the latter of which recently provided animation for Kill la Kill The Game: IF and Shantae and the Seven Sirens. The sweeping score was composed by Hiroki Kikuta who has worked with series such as Secret of Mana and Soulcalibur.

Indivisible launches on October 8 on PS4, PC and Xbox One, with a Switch release to follow in 2020.