Chip's Challenge is free on Steam and nostalgia just hit me hard


Fire walk with me

Three decades after its original release, Chip’s Challenge is free to keep and play on Steam.

Depending on your age and upbringing, the mere mention of that name will bring back a flood of memories, or it won’t – though I’d be super curious to see what someone who never solved these tile-based puzzles before thinks of this iconic game in 2020. It doesn’t take long for it to push back.

One glimpse of the erratic ants, and it all came back to me. The ever-present timer slips me up.

It’s an incredible year for video games and I’ve lost count of all the stuff I could be playing right now, but catching up with Chip’s Challenge over a lunch break brought out some warm and fuzzy vibes.

@ChucksChallenge [Twitter via Polygon]