Chocobo GP patch addresses bugs, but not season passes or microtransactions


On top of that, some of the bugs since launch have impacted the entire monetization system

A new Chocobo GP patch is out, and it fixes some bugs, including one that deals with the entire system that feeds into microtransactions.

It’s a shame that when explaining this game, I can’t just pitch it to some people as “a cute Final Fantasy homage and pseudo-sequel to a classic kart racer.” Instead, I have to verbally walk people through a minefield of season pass and microtransaction hazards, in one of the most tacked-on monetization systems in recent memory. The stark contrast to the free Mario Kart 8 Deluxe DLC that came out shortly after is staggering.

So while the recent patch does fix some bugs, it doesn’t address a lot of the underlying issues that are hampering the growth of the community. At this point, the team is kind of locked in. They already collected a ton of cash from people for the microtransaction system since day one, and giving everyone Squall and Cloud (who are linked to the aforementioned season pass/microtransaction system) would be murky waters.

I do wonder how many seasons this will last though, beyond what they already have cooking.

Chocobo GP patch notes (Ver.1.0.4)

The details of the update are as follows:

1. Fixed an issue where the game stops progressing at the rankings screen at the end of a race and while matchmaking for the next race.
2. Fixed an issue where the race start timing is not in sync.
3. Fixed improper character behavior caused by lag.
※ Examples:
・ Number of laps becomes corrupted.
・ Character clears the goal unexpectedly.
・ Magicites cannot be used.
・ Magicites that have not been obtained are automatically used.
・ Two of the same player exists in the same race.
4. Fixed an issue where finishing in fourth place or higher is treated as being eliminated due to lag
5. Fixed an issue where the long course of “Gold Saucer” sometimes enters the fourth lap.