Cinema's greatest tandem is coming back for another film


In a world gone mad, we will not spank the monkey

It’s been 17 years since Jay and Silent Bob had their feature film inJay and Silent Bob Strike Back, and now they’ll be back for round two. During a Q&A, Kevin Smith announced the return of the dynamic duo in a film to be titledJay & Silent Reboot, a movie that pokes fun at sequels and reboots altogether. This is some good news for Smith fans, as his recent endeavors into sequels forMallrats(first as a movie, then a TV show) andClerks3have come to a dead-end.

In regards to the upcoming film, Smith had this to say:

“We’re doing a sequel toJay and Silent Bob Strike Backand it’s calledJay and Silent Bob Reboot.It’s us, it’s me and Jay so it’s not really strictly a reboot in the way that people think of a reboot. If you rememberJay and Silent Bob Strike Backit was a movie in which Jay and Silent Bob found out Hollywood was making a movie about them so they went cross country to Hollywood to stop that from happening.Jay and Silent Bob Rebootis completely f—ing different. InJay and Silent Bob Reboot, Jay and Silent Bob find out that Hollywood is making a reboot of that old movie that they had made about them, and they have to gocrossthe country to Hollywood to stop it all over again. it’s literally the same f—ing movie all over again. It’s a movie that makes fun of sequels and remakes and reboots while being all three at the same time.”

Smith is taking something prevalent in the Hollywood industry and using it as a way to make a new film while simultaneously mocking it. It’s a big part of what madeStrike Backa cult hit, and now Smith is hoping to recreate that energy. At the very least, with any luck, he’ll be able to convince Ben Affleck and Matt Damon to make anothercameo.

Jay & Silent Bob Rebootbegins production in August and is slated for release in 2019.

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