Citizens of Space, a sequel to the Earthbound-like Citizens of Earth, is coming very soon


June 18

Citizens of Earth came out back in 2015 and made a small splash among the indie community, but the series has remained dormant, until this month. Not only do we have a new trailer, but we also have platform confirmations and a semi-soon release date.

Earth was originally billed as a wacky take on Earthbound, where players recruit humans and fight it out in a JRPG fashion. While it definitely had the humor part down pat, the archaic JRPG bits (even by old school standards) bogged it down and prevented it from reaching greatness. The sequel ups the ante by taking players into the final frontier, allowing them to recruit citizens from more worlds, and adds a new battle system in attempt to freshen things up.

Developmental duties will once again be handled by Eden Industries, and Atlus is returning to publish it. It’s sort of a surprise release, as it’s coming very soon on June 18 on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Switch.