Classic SNK shmup Ghost Pilots takes flight on PS4, Xbox One and Switch


Tally Ho, chaps

This week’s retro re-release from HAMSTER will see players take to the skies for fast-paced dog-fighting action, as SNK’s Ghost Pilots is out now on PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

Originally released back in 1991 for the arcade and Neo Geo platforms, Ghost Pilots sees one or two players take flight in – bizarrely – seaplanes, on a dangerous mission to halt a Nazi offence. The game is similar to Capcom’s 1942 and 1943: Battle of Midway, both of which were incredibly popular in the arcades in the mid-to-late ’80s.

Our heroes will be assaulted from land, sea and air, before eventually being confronted by intimidating boss characters. It’s a pretty tough mission, but power-ups and a selection of bomb-types are available to help give you the upper hand in battle.

Ghost Pilots is available now on Xbox One and Nintendo Switch worldwide, and on PS4 in Japan.