Competitive platformer TowerFall is still on the way for Switch


It’s a great fit

Competitive platformerTowerFallhas enjoyed a long, long lifespan.What started off as an Ouya release in 2013 eventually blossomed into PS4 a year later, then Vita in 2015, Xbox One in 2017, and Switch this year.

We’ve known about the Switch edition for a while now, but creator Matt Thorson (who just launched the wonderful Celeste) still hasn’t given us a date yet, leaving many confused as to whether or not it was still in the cards. It is still happening though, as Thorson just confirmed on Twitter that it was “still going to happen,” and that he’s “working on it right now.”

A release date will be shared once it’s ready to go — in the meantime, it’s great to hear it’s still in active development!

Matt Thorson [Twitter]