Conan O'Brien wants to animate an entire episode in the style of Minecraft


Minecraft creators are hesitant

Apparently, Conan O’Brien (or at least someone on staff) is a pretty big Minecraft fan. They’ve had a few Minecraft-related videos in the past, including a Clueless Gamer segment where he gave the game a possibly unfavorable review.

Recently, he wanted to film an episode of his show and then animate the entire episode in the Minecraft style. According to Conan, he asked “the Minecraft people” about the idea, and they initially agreed but later changed their minds. So in lieu of an entire episode, they filmed this short segment about the idea and animated that instead.

Based on the clip, I’d definitely enjoy watching a fully animated episode of the show. Blocky Conan and Andy Richter are great, and I loved what they did with the audience!