Contest: Win a code for Onrush's closed beta on PS4


Enjoy the beta two days before the open period!

[Only one more night left in the contest! Comment by morning for your chance to get in on the closed beta, starting tomorrow!]

Do you like objective-based vehicular mayhem? Do you have a PS4 with a North American account? Do you like getting things before the shitmunchers of the general public? Codemasters has you covered.

We’ve been given ten codes for the PS4 closed beta period starting Tuesday, May 15. This closed period is technically only for people who pre-ordered Onrush, with an open beta starting two days later – but you can win access to the closed period without dropping a dime on a pre-order.

Our co-EIC and actual cyborg hellbent on human destruction via speedy and thorough video game reviews Chris Carter recently got his hands on a closed-session run with the game, and came away rather impressed with what was on display. Now’s your chance to join in on the fun!

Leave a comment below telling us your vehicle of choice for when society inevitably crumbles into a dystopian nightmare requiring us all to battle it out for vehicular dominance. Just make sure you’ve got something better than my 2002 Honda Odyssey – that shit will outlast cockroaches when man finally falls.

All you need is a PS4 with an NA account to participate! Winners will be randomly selected on Tuesday, May 15, and emailed their codes. So make sure your Disqus account is up to date with your current email address.

See y’all on the road.