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Contest: Win a Switch copy of The Bug Butcher

Damn bugs whacked him, Johnny

Grab the bug spray for this contest: Win a Switch copy of The Bug Butcher.

I hear you got a bug problem, ma’am? Well, no worries — our friends at 2Awesome Studio are living up to their name and giving away six copies of their critically-acclaimed Switch title, The Bug Butcher!

We here at Destructoid expect the best, and we give the best. Now grab a beer, grab the entertainment, and have fun — that’s an order!

The Bug Butcher is an action platformer where nasty little bugs have invaded a space station. You’re tasked with eliminating the six-legged invaders using machine guns, rockets, lasers — whatever you can get your hands on! You’re going in with first wave, which means more bugs for you to kill! Shoot upward toward the ceiling as wave after wave of creepy crawlies try to take over your ship in 30 levels of hectic action. With endless co-op and two-player modes for on one console, the Switch is the definitive way to play this chaotic exterminator simulator!

Come on you apes, you wanna live forever?

To enter for your chance to win, comment below telling us for which region you’d like a key and what your weapon of choice would be to eradicate the swarming hordes of bugs. Give me the nuke, man. I’m not trying to be a hero — I’m just here to kill bugs. Take ’em all out at once!

We have six total keys to give away. Winners will be drawn on Friday, November 23. Make sure you comment using a Dtoid account that has your current email address on file. If I can’t email you, I can’t stop the bugs. They’ll suck your brains out!

The Bug Butcher is available now on Switch and Steam.

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