Contest: Win Breathedge for Steam


Choke your chicken, he doesn’t mind

Ready for some more free games? Today Breathedge is up for grabs — don’t miss out on this contest!

I don’t know of many games where an immortal chicken is used as a tool to break things, plug leaky pipes, and scan electronic equipment. In fact, I don’t know of any. Well, didn’t know of any — all that changed today.

Breathedge changed what I knew of chicken utility capabilities. Let it change you; win a free copy for Steam and you can see the light, too!

Breathedge is the first game from RedRuins Softworks. They just hit over 1,000 reviews on Steam (overall Very Positive!) and decided it was time to give the best gaming community on the internet some free copies.

Disaster strikes as you’re transporting your recently-deceased dad through the vast vastness of space, stranding you with one dead guy and also a whole bunch of other dead guys. You must survive by abusing your chicken, taping things together to make compound things of questionable usefulness, and not dying. Repair your derelict ship, create a new mode of transportation, and even get your HGTV on as you gussy the place up a bit to impress all your expired friends floating around. Oh, and potty humor.

Read these game facts I probably didn’t write!

  • Survive in an exciting outer space adventure: Take an exciting tour of an interstellar dump, uncover a global conspiracy, meet strange characters along the way, and take refuge with your immortal chicken.
  • Deep crafting system: Create a vast variety of useless objects and throw them out of the airlock. (What, do you need something more?) There are also many useful items to be created, but be careful as this may result in completing the game.
  • It’s really meditative: Fix and decorate your space station. Just because you can.
  • The insanity: An intriguing plot thick with dark humor, cynical dialogues, a mad enemy, as well as badly-animated cutscenes and other features of an excellent game.

The worst that could happen is you play the game and fall in love with it and have to petition the state to allow you to marry it. There’s practically nothing to lose.

To win your Steam key, comment below telling us your favorite use of the immortal chicken. I like to take mine mountain climbing and use it as one of those axthings those fellas use to jam into the rocks so they don’t fall off the mountain. Obviously, this is a lie because I don’t know what that tool is called and also don’t know if it’s used for that specific function, but just go with it, ok?

We’ve got 76 Steam keys to dole out, so don’t get shy on us now. Make sure you comment using a Dtoid-generated Disqus account, and that your Dtoid profile has your current email address on hand. If I can’t email you, I can’t change your life forever.

Breathedge is available now on Steam. Head over to PC Invasion to increase your odds at winning! It’s like a cheat code, except you won’t get grounded if you use it.