Contest: Win one of three Echogear monitor mounts


Get your mount on

Today’s contest is for some cool Echogear monitor mounts. Check it out!

I realized earlier that we’ve been very, very rude lately. We’ve been giving away all of these games, but have given you kind folks nothing on which to play them. It’s just very inconsiderate of us, and we truly apologize.

Let us make it up to you by giving away some free monitor mounts from the awesome people at Echogear!

Echogear, a leader in TV mounts and audiovisual accessories, launched a new line of dynamic and fixed desk and wall monitor mounts designed specifically to meet the rigorous demands of gamers. Whether one, two, or three monitors, Echogear monitor mounts easily adapt to individual gaming setups and personal preferences. High, low, stacked, or next to each other, the right monitor placement can keep players focused on the game.

We were going to give one mount away, but Echogear said no. We were going to give out two, but Echogear put the stop to that one. They simply demanded that we give out three of their new monitor mounts. I had no choice in the matter. Here’s what we’ve got:

  • Single Monitor Mount: Retails for $69.99.Echogear single monitor desk stand for monitors up to 34 inches. Control swivel, extension and tilt without tools. Easy install with wobble-free clamp design.
  • Dual Monitor Mount: Retails for $149.99.Echogear premium dual monitor stand. Adjust monitors to the perfect spot with dynamic gas spring arms. Easy install with wobble and droop-free desk clamp design that works with two vertical or horizontal monitors.
  • Triple Monitor Mount: Retails for $129.99 Echogeartriple monitor desk mount stand for screens up to 27 inches. Height-adjustable for comfortable gaming and work. Works with three vertical or horizontal monitors; perfect for array-style gaming.

Comment below telling us which mount you’d like to win and how this prize is going to improve your gaming life. If I win one, I’ll finally be able to stop having my half sister hold up my gaming monitor when I want to play. Her hands are just too damned shaky!

Since this contest involves a physical prize, shipping is limited to United States addresses. Make sure you comment using a Dtoid account that has your current email address on file. If I can’t email you, you’ll have to continue to have your half sister hold up your monitor, like me.

You can check out Echogear’s monitor mounts and their other great gear at their website.