Contest: Win the ultimate taxi enthusiast prize pack from Night Call


Yo, I heard you like taxis

We’ve got the ultimate taxi prize pack in today’s contest, courtesy of narrative thriller Night Call!

Today I get to mix two of my favorite things — physical swag and unnecessarily obtuse prize packs — in order to give you a whole bunch of cool stuff. This is my job, folks. I’m sworn by honor to carry out this noble task.

Our friends over at Night Call, the new narrative noir title, put together a taxi-themed prize pack to give away to our readers. And let me tell you, it’s a doozy! Come win it so you can be the ultimate taxi fan!

Read a description of Night Call before we get into the wackiness:

Night Callis a strong narrative experience with light resource management and investigation mechanics. Its power is certainly in the stories being told by the 70+ passengers you’ll encounter in the back of your cab. Some passengers detail whimsical lighthearted moments, others peculiar and thought provoking, and a few will come into the backseat with very dark accounts exploring themes not often seen in games. Night Call is not one story but rather a collective narrative from all these characters who have something to share and contributing to the greater investigation that you are now charged with being a part of. Will you find the killer running rampant in Paris?

  • GORGEOUS GAME NOIR STYLE: Every character and location are lovingly hand-drawn in stunning black & white, evoking the pure tension of the noir style of art.
  • A VIVID AND ORIGINAL CAST: Meet dozens of original, surprising, realistic characters and share their lives for a few brief moments. Listen and help they might have something useful for you.
  • INVESTIGATION VS. SURVIVAL: Will you forsake information for more money, or sacrifice your income to get the info you need? Make your choices quickly time is running out!
  • MULTIPLE ENDINGS, MULTIPLE KILLERS: Can you uncover the identity of the killer each time? Be careful: a guilty suspect in one playthrough may be completely innocent in the next.
  • NON LINEAR NARRATIVE GAME: Encounters are random. Every run is different.

Since the game is so heavily-centered around taxis, publisher Raw Fury hooked us up with the Ultimate Taxi Enthusiast Prize Pack! One lucky winner will receive:

Ok, these are really cool prizes! The jack and hat one one-of-a-kind items — they’re only make them for this contest. You’ll have the only ones on Earth! But three things is hardly an “ultimate” prize pack. Luckily, there’s a ton more:

Yes, we’re actually giving the winner all of this. I told you it was the ultimate taxi enthusiast’s bundle!

To enter to win, use the widget below to leave your name and email address. You can enter daily. For bonus entries, follow Dtoid and our network sites on Twitter, give some social love to Raw Fury, and share our contest post with your friends!

While you’re waiting to hail a cab, talk about this prize pack in the comments below. Have you ever seen such an on-brand giveaway? Have I finally gone too far? What’s that wet spot on the carpet? Let’s talk, Dtoid.

We have one prize pack to give away to one lucky winner from our network. You must have a Canada or United States shipping address to win. Winner will be able to choose jacket size. Prize will be drawn on Wednesday, July 31. Fare not included.

Night Call is available now for PCwith a console release planned for later this year.

Contest: Win the ultimate taxi enthusiast prize pack from Night Call