Cops arrest 6 teens linked to Lizard Squad


DDoS attacks are bad

Remember when our beloved Sony and Microsoft servers were continually down last year because some idiots sitting behind their keyboards thought it’d be cool to cripple an entire population of gamers? Well, the authorities haven’t forgotten and continue to be on the case.

Announced today, six teens in the U.K. were arrested as suspects in distributed denial of service attacks to online servers of gaming companies, e-retailers, a British newspaper and a school. According to the BBC, the six are alleged to have gotten help from the group Lizard Squad, who claimed responsibility for much of the madness we all had to endure.

The teens are accused of using Lizard Squad’s Lizard Stresser tool, which allowed users to pay to take websites offline.

We don’t yet know what will happen to these kids, but let’s hope it’s severe enough to deter them and any other half-wits from doing the same thing in the future.

Remember folks, it’s all fun and games until someone fucks with our gaming lifestyle. No matter how smart you think you might be, chances are you’re still gonna get caught. So, please, don’t do this kind of stupid shit.

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