Critic Anita Sarkeesian immortalized as TowerFall alternate archer


Dark World expansion gets 10 new archers

TowerFall Ascension is getting a big expansion, Dark World, sometime this spring.

With it comes 10 new archers, alternates of the existing colors. The ghastly, piratical red alternate was revealed last year and four new archers have been revealed today, including a blue archer alt modeled after Tropes vs. Women in Video Games host Anita Sarkeesian.

“Anita’s work has been an inspiration to the TowerFall team. Her ‘Tropes vs. Women in Games’ video series gave us a valuable new lens through which to assess our character designs. TowerFall is about bringing people together, so it’s vitally important that the cast of playable characters makes everyone feel invited to join in.”

Pretty cool. Also, now I just really want to see my likeness in TowerFall style. God I would be so damn cute. You can see the other four alts here. Vigilante Mask is pretty sweet. The last five will be unveiled, “in the coming weeks.”

Also, TowerFall is fun as hell. If you’ve got some friends, you should pick it up.