Cryamore artist lends talent to Combat Core, a Power Stone inspired fighter


Work in Progress arena fighter brings in top talent

[Update: It turns out that Skullgirls co-creator Alex Ahad is also working on character designs for Combat Core. Is that a crossover I smell?]

Most of the time when Destructoid posts something about the revival of a old Capcom franchise, someone chimes in about their desire for a new Power Stone title. I don’t blame them. It is a bit strange that the series died off so quickly, after having giving us two relatively successful games and a serviceable anime series.

As Mighty Number 9, Broken Age, and now Yooka-Laylee have shown, Kickstarter can lead to big success for games from forgotten genres and/or franchises. The difference with Combat Core is, the developers haven’t announced that any of Power Stone’s creators are on the project. Instead, we have confirmation that Robaato, regular Udon artist and current lead on Kickstarter success Cryamore, is working on the marque and character portrait art for the game. Though Combat Core isn’t being made by former Capcom developers, with Robaato on the case, it looks a lot more like it could have been.

I’m moving forward with cautious optimism on this one.