Cuphead 'Legacy' build presents the game as it functioned pre-patch


Mugman army assemble

When popular hardcore platformer Cuphead was patched on PC a couple of weeks ago, for some players (including this guy) it created as many problems as it fixed, introducing new issues, and affecting the game’s overall performance.

Well, now a new patch has dropped on PC to stamp out these new bugs but, alongside that, Steam now features a Cuphead “Legacy” build in the Betas tab. This is essentially the cartoon adventure as it was first launched, before any patches were implemented.

Should players wish to play the game in its original state, the Legacy build is for you. It will retain the game’s original bugs and exploits, such as the Cagney Carnation freeze, or Chimes flying off-screen for no reason, but it also means that the “Mugman Army” glitch is back in full effect.

A severe word of warning however. Studio MDHR have straight up said that changing back and forth between the pre-patch and post-patch editions has the potential to irrecoverably corrupt your save game, and they obviously take zero responsibility for that, so proceed with caution, young crockery.Cuphead hotfix and Legacy build [Steam]