Cyber Monday Xbox One bundle deals and 50% off games


Going into a store is so 1999

If you’re curious what Microsoft Store is offering up for Cyber Monday, prepare to be un-surprised — the deals are essentially the same as they were on Black Friday. If you were too busy or overwhelmed at the time, you might have missed key deals on Xbox One games, including up to 50% off select titles, plus the addition of $10 gift code stacking on some titles. It’s a decent deal if you’re looking to bulk up your library.

Over at Target, there’s a crazy site-wide 15% offcoupon, and while the code won’t work on consoles, it does discount most Xbox One games and titles for other platforms.

For the console bundles, Microsoft Store provides the same “free $60 gift code + selection of a free game” that it offered on Black Friday. Unfortunately, the selection of available titles has shrunk to three, as Forza Horizon 2 is no longer available. The new 1TB Rise of the Tomb Raider bundle is also sold out. At Walmart, you can snag its exclusive white Gears of War bundle with a free generic controller for $299.

Xbox One Bundle Deals

Xbox One Game Sales Event

As we find more noteworthy deals, we’ll toss them in the list. All things considered, we think Microsoft’s camp has the most aggressive offers this season compared to Sony and Nintendo, with market share likely a driving factor.

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