Daemon x Machina unleashes suitably dramatic Japanese launch trailer


We Are The Robots

We are a little over a week away from the launch of super-anime mech-fighting title Daemon x Machina, which glides into battle on Nintendo Switch September 13. Publisher Marvelous has released a new Japanese trailer to get the hype fires stoked for the dramatic looking action title.

Daemon x Machina tells the story of a planet plunged into war after it collides with a moon, an act that cause all A.I. to turn against humanity. The last hope is The Outers, a unit of highly-skilled mech pilots, who must engage in a series of dangerous missions against the rampant A.I. (or “Army of Immortals”) to put the fleshbags back atop the pecking order.

If the above video is a little too cinematic for your tastes, then you can check out this second trailer, which shows Daemon x Machina’s customisation and combat in action. Players will fight it out with armies of drones, scavenging parts from their opponents in order to soup up their own abilities. It’s also worth noting you won’t be alone in this war for mankind, as Daemon x Machina will support up to four players in co-op.

Daemon x Machina launches on Nintendo Switch September 13.