Dark Souls parent company holding media briefing before E3


Only get hyped if you REALLY want Demon Gaze 2

E3 takes place June 14-16 in horrible LA, but E3 “press conferences” start as early as Sunday, June 12 for Bethesda, Electronic Arts, and, apparently, Kadokawa Games — the company that owns Dark Souls developer From Software and has been recently involved in publishing Grasshopper’s games.

The company announced its “Summer 2016 Media Briefing,” translation via Gematsu, for June 13 at 1:30PM JST in Tokyo. That’s June 12 (Sunday) at 9:30PM PST for those of us who’ll be LA.

Kadokawa’s event will offer info on, “Demon Gaze 2, God Wars: Beyond Time, Root Letter, and so on.” So on could be the only other announced titles in Kadokawa Games’ lineup, The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky the 3rd Evolution and Reco Love for PS Vita, or it could boldly be something else.

Probably not From-related so soon after Dark Souls III, but who knows. Coupled with all the big companies technically abstaining from E3 but honoring the timing (EA, Activision, et al), it does kinds of feel like more evidence for the decreased utility in such an event with increased focus on worldwide markets and direct-to-fans marketing and information pipelines. Of course Kadokawa’s timing here is most likely because it’s only going to talk about shit well out of Western interest (remember that the last new Dark Souls had top-billing at Microsoft’s presentation last E3).