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Dark Souls' transition from GFWL pushed into December

Games for Windows Live is the final Boss

Publisher Bandai Namco recently took to the Steam discussion boards to issue an official statement in regards to Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition‘s plannedNovember transition away from Games for Windows Live in this update:

“We are working hard to finalize the process to move your Dark Souls: Prepare to Die saves and achievements to Steam. We need to conduct additional testing and we are now targeting December to begin this process. We’ll have more information in the coming weeks. Thank you very much for your patience!”

While the news is somewhat disappointing, I’m glad they’re taking the time to try and get this right. Hardcore fans of the game have most likely invested an inordinate amount of time into their character builds so I’m sure that they would appreciate having their save files make the move over to Steam in one piece.

Dark Souls fans are a patient bunch, though. To illustrate this fact, watch this invader go the extra mile to dispatch an idling hacker. That’s persistence, folks.

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