Darksiders Genesis trailer shows us exactly what War, huh, is good for


Good God Y’all

THQ Nordic has released a new character trailer for its upcoming hack ‘n’ slash dungeon crawler Darksiders Genesis. The video, which you can check out below, gets fans reacquainted with one of Darksiders’ four horsemen, War.

War, the rider of the red horse, kicked things off as the protagonist of the original Darksiders, released back in 2010. The youngest of The Nephelim, War is – unsurprisingly – an unstoppable force in battle, where he crushes seemingly insurmountable foes atop his terrifying charred steed, Ruin.

A prequel to the original Darksiders, Genesis will see War team up with fellow horseman Strife. The duo has been charged with a hellish quest to defeat Lucifer himself, who has been upsetting the balance by attempting his own coup, backed by powerful minions plucked from the darkest and most depraved corners of Hell.

Avoid missing ball for high score.

Darksiders Genesis launches on PS4, PC, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and Google Stadia later in 2019