Darksiders III performed to THQ Nordic's expectations


Despite quiet release, sequel recouped its investment

When THQ Nordic released their hellish action RPG Darksiders III, things got off to a rough start. It appeared that Fury’s journey into the Underworld had wholly failed to set charts alight and get the cash registers ringing.

However, according to the publisher, Gunfire Games’ grimdark title has performed to its owner’s expectations, with sales to date covering the sequel’s budget, marketing, and other investments. Speaking in their fourth quarterly financial report, THQ Nordic stated that the Darksiders franchise remains “one of the group’s key IPs.” So although it originally seemed that Darksiders III was threatening to put the series in the ground, the exploits of The Four Horsemen (and women) are very likely to continue.

Darksiders III is available now on PS4, PC and Xbox One. Darksiders: Warmastered Edition launches on Nintendo Switch April 2.

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