Dead Rising 3 producer addresses frame rate criticism


‘We re-wrote our entire engine’

Dead Rising 3 has been making some positive strides ever since the bad press of the “Call of Duty-fication” of the series, but not everything is positive, according to the game’s producer. Apparently, previews have been hitting the game pretty hard for a lowered frame rate, which will be fixed in the final version according to Capcom.

Speaking to Capsule Computers, Capcom Vancouver’s Mike Jones notes that, “We re-wrote our entire engine for Xbox One, and then we were getting new development shit, and new information about the hardware, and we were working with Microsoft trying to optimize everything and it is insane what our development team has been able to do.” He says that frame rate optimization is, “the last thing you do,” and that earlier builds don’t feature said optimization.

Well, I guess we’ll have to see what Dead Rising 3 can really do once it hits the market — as a fan of the first two, I won’t hold back on my thoughts.

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