A Dead Space remake is coming from EA Motive


The Dead Space rises from the grave

During today’s EA Play Live showcase, the publisher confirmed that the first Dead Space is getting a remake with a creepy new trailer.

EA Motive is developing the project, which will be a remake of the first Dead Space. Shown in the trailer today was all the scary, atmospheric terror of the USG Ishimura and its newfound Necromorph infestation. And of course, what’s a Dead Space trailer without a shot of the health bar running along the spine of engineer Isaac Clarke’s suit?

The Dead Space remake is currently confirmed to be running on the Frostbite game engine and is targeting PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC. No release date has been set as of yet.

Reports from last month indicated that a Dead Space remake was in the works, and it looks like those have panned out to be the case. EA Motive, which previously worked on Star Wars Battlefront II and Star Wars: Squadrons, will be developing the remake.

The last entry in the Dead Space series was Dead Space 3, which launched for the PC, PS3, and Xbox 360 back in 2013. The series has since remained dormant, though one of the series creators Glen Schofield has gone on to form Striking Distance Studios, which is working on the similarly sci-fi horror-themed The Callisto Protocol.