EA Motive's Dead Space remake is getting an early look tomorrow


See an early development build of the space-horror remake

Electronic Arts’ Motive Studios has announced it will be showing off an early development build of its Dead Space remake. And as it turns out, the wait to see it won’t be too long.

A livestream has been set for tomorrow, Aug. 31 at 1 p.m. ET / 10 a.m. PT on the Motive Twitch channel.

The event will feature a look at an early development build, to illustrate the “vision” of the remake. Motive senior producer Philippe Ducharme and creative director Roman Campos-Oriola will also be speaking, as well as a “Dead Space Community Council” made up of some of the franchise’s fans who have been reportedly consulting on the project.

Following a number of rumors and reports on the matter, Motive’s Dead Space remake was officially confirmed at EA Play 2021 in July. Though it was a short reveal, we did get to see lots of dark, eerie scenery and, of course, Isaac Clarke’s spinal lights on his suit. Hard to have a Dead Space trailer without those, right?

With Motive at the helm, it sounds like the Dead Space remake could be doing some interesting things, even looking at ways to rebuild what the game was rather than just upgrade the resolution. It’s a big task to handle, but for a game like Dead Space, it’ll certainly be interesting to see come together. We’ll get an early look at what Motive has in store tomorrow.