Deadly Premonition 2: Where to find the canned spinach


Hey Zach, I need some help here buddy

Leave it toDeadly Premonition 2 to make such an innocuous quest so difficult.

Here is one of the least-spoiler-filled guides of 2020. Here’s how to find a can of spinach: a key quest item in a critical path story mission in Deadly Premonition 2.

Shortly into Chapter 2, you’ll be tasked with collecting a can of spinach.

Why is this a huge deal? Well, it could be in any vending machinein the game, and you’re not given any guidance as to where it’s located. Here’s a few tips to help nudge you in the right direction, alongside of a direct location of where I found it.

After scouring the huge open world for a few hours (and completing sidequests along the way), it finally dawned on me that vending machines are actually highlighted on the map.

All you need to do is press X, head to the map screen, and locate the faintly drawn brown vending machine icons. From there you can set a waypoint and locate them yourself.

Want the solution?

This is where I found my can of spinach: right below Melvin’s House in the southwest corner of the map. To all the people Googling this years from now, I hope you’re enjoying this wacky adventure.