Deadpool 2 slices Infinity War box office take in half


Box office roundup

Color me surprised, Deadpool 2 did what future classics Overboard, Life of the Party, and Breaking In couldn’t do, it usurped Avengers: Infinity War as the top box office take for the weekend. Maybe it’s not really surprising to see a comic book movie take out another comic book movie, but with how big Infinity War is/was I had a slim sliver of doubt that Deadpool wouldn’t take the top spot.

Coming in with $125 million, Deadpool 2 actually underperformed some of the projections that analysts had it at, but with a shooting budget of only $110 million I’m sure the execs at Fox aren’t really too overly sad about this news. Taking the 2nd spot as mentioned before is Avengers: Infinity War which I still need to see, but I finally caught up with all my Marvel movies so I’m good to go. Infinity War’s take fell 54% from last week with only $28.7 million, which helped push their domestic take to just under $600 million.

Book Club premiered at number three on the charts pulling in only $12.5 million. I’d like to imagine that the audience the movie was geared towards were too blown away by their showing of Deadpool 2 that they couldn’t bear another movie but in all reality, it’s probably because it doesn’t look that good. Still, with a shooting budget of only $10 million, it’s not a bad take when you compare it to that.

The only other wide premiere this week was Show Dogs which came in at a disappointing sixth place with only 6 million dollars. Woof.

Out of the top ten, there are two impressive feats by movies that were only available in limited release. A24’s First Reformed which only opened in New York City and Los Angeles raked in 97,562 dollars, averaging 24,391 per theater. More impressively, a 70MM reprint of 2001: A Space Odyssey which was only showing on four theaters managed to pull in 200,000 dollars averaging 50,000 per theater. To put these two numbers in perspective, Deadpool 2 only pulled in 28,742 dollars per theater.

I really wish I lived near one of the theaters showing 2001 as the one time I’ve seen it in a theater it was amazing, but to see it in 70MM would be a memory I would take to the grave with me. Which leads me to this weeks question, which classic movie have you seen on the big screen after its initial release, and if you haven’t seen any which one is your bucket list movie to see on the big screen?

1. Deadpool 2 – $125,000,0002. Avengers: Infinity War – $28,672,0003. Book Club – $12,500,0004. Life of the Party – $7,725,0005. Breaking In– $6,470,0006. Show Dogs – $6,034,7707. Overboard– $4,725,0008. A Quiet Place – $4,040,0009. Rampage– $1,500,00010. RBG – $1,280,000