Deathgarden is the followup to Dead by Daylight, and it trades horror for Destiny


You could get in on the beta today

The Dead by Daylightteam is building on its new(ish) experience with asymmetrical shooters. Behaviour Digital’s followup to sticks to the same formula while radically shifting themes.

Deathgardenis an asymmetrical multiplayer shooter where a powerful Hunter squares off against five agile-but-weaker Runners. If you look really closely — like squint at your monitor and use all your imagination — you might be able to pick up on a Destinyvibe.

Deathgardenis quickly dashing through all the public stages of development. It was revealed in April, went through an alpha test in May, and is now in closed beta through June 26. Go here if you’d like to register for a beta key.

Come August, Deathgardenwill enter Early Access on Steam. The game’s Steam page doesn’t list a price, but a press release indicates the base edition will cost $30. Anyone who wants a preview to see if this is their sort of thing would do well to go ahead and check out that beta.