Destiny 2 is completely overhauling its new player experience for the better


Now you get to learn the ropes from an NPC

Amid the new Festival of the Lost celebration in Destiny 2, Bungie recently shared a new development in Destiny 2‘s New Light experience: a completely overhauled new player onboarding process.

Bungie shared some concerns recently that brand new players, some of which who have never played a looter shooter before, are becoming overwhelmed by the pacing of the game. I can easily see that, because by their own admission, you basically get one level to really get your bearings, then it’s off to the races. That’s changing later this year.

On November 10, alongside of the new update, Destiny 2will be getting a special NPC that will assist players in learning the ropes. “Shaw Han” will be wandering around the Cosmodrome wasteland and will accompany you for the “first few missions.” These new quests will allow you to learn more about the loot system, as well as multiple weapon types, the UI and even things like quest collection and completion.

Bungie says that the goal is to fully educate players on the various facets of Destiny 2before they are on their own in The Tower: the game’s hub zone. They also are banking hard on the nostalgia factor of the Cosmodrome itself, which will feature areas from the original Destiny. Ah, it feels like just yesterday I was playing the alpha, then discovering the loot cave, then grinding out the Vault of Glass for raid gear.

Time flies! Now new players can forge their own memories by jumping into Destiny 2: this game needed something like this for a while.

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