Destiny's weekly raid challenge is the Warpriest again


Well that was short-lived

Over the course of the past month or so, we’ve seen the raid challenge mode in Destinyshift to the Warpriest, then Golgoroth, and Oryx. Now it’s back to the Warpriest with the exact same challenge as the initial week, which is rather disappointing.

I don’t know what I expected from Bungie, or why I think it’ll actually implement something interesting from time to time. Initially, I thought maybe a few other encounters like the Totems or the Daughters would have challenges, encouraging players to not just skip around or only do the challenge that week. Also, I thought it would possibly mix up the challenges for repeats and either add a new tactic or change things entirely.

Nope. It’s the same old stuff, and Golgoroth will likely be up next week again. The rewards are a 320 Sniper or 320 Heavy, and an Artifact.