Destroy All Humans' $400 collector's edition comes with a cute backpack



THQ Nordic seems to have a penchant for releasing insanely priced collector’s editions. The upcoming remake of cult classic series Destroy All Humans! is set to receive two bundles, one priced at $400 USD that comes with a cute backpack. It’s kind of superfluous, but also exactly the sort of dumb thing I like seeing.

The aforementioned $400 edition, called the “Crypto-137 Edition,” includes a backpack of protagonist Crypto, a 23″ tall statue of him, a keychain, six lithographs, an eye-popping anti-stress toy, a large “premium” box, and some in-game Crypto skins. The game is also included since that isn’t a guarantee with these bundles.

If you don’t feel like dropping a few hundred bucks on stuff, a cheaper edition exists with mostly the same stuff. Called the “DNA Collector’s Edition,” it will retail for $150 and contain a “Cypto’N’Cow figurine, a keychain, six lithographs, the eye-popping stress toy, a different “premium” box, the in-game Crypto skins, and the actual game. It kind of stinks that there is a different statue (forcing you to get both editions if you want each), but at least there is a reason to choose between the two.

Each edition will be available for PC, PS4, and Xbox One. You can pre-order it from THQ Nordic’s website by clicking here. Regardless of how cute that backpack is, I’m not sure $400 is worth it, but I can’t stop you from spending money however you want.