Destructoid alumnus Aaron Linde joins Gearbox Software


Congratulations, Aaron!

Destructoid alumnus Aaron Linde is now with Gearbox Software, reuniting the famedTheLegend of Zelda: Ocarina of Timehater with his longtime Podtoid co-host.

“I’ve been hired specifically to challenge Anthony Burch to single combat and slay him,” Lindetold Destructoid. “[It’s] agrim charge that, thus far, Gearbox has had little success in accomplishing on its own. Quite proud to be joining the ranks of such a dynamite studio.”

It is unknown what Linde’s role at theBorderlands 2studio will be following the demise of Burch. Rumor has it the steamy heartthrobis currently in the early stages of developing a sequel to his acclaimed 2008 masterpiece, Aaron Linde’s BonerQuest.

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