The Destructoid Community E3 2021 Hangout Zone


What’s on your mind this E3? Let’s chat

Even though E3 2021 doesn’t start until Saturday, it feels like it’s well underway.

I mean, we already got a hopefully pretty sturdy release date for Elden Ring. I feel like I can coast through most of the (many) remaining E3 showcase streams without a care in the world — until the Nintendo Direct on Tuesday, anyway. Nintendo’s capable of hurting me.

Moyse does a great job with his Whatcha been playing? prompts, and I love that ChronoLynxx has kept the torch lit on the community side with TGIF Open Threads.

Overcome with the spirit of E3 after taking a year off — it feels like three! — I thought it would be fun to host a special community discussion. This is it. This is the spot.

We’re of course going to have lots of watch-along posts on Destructoid to accompany the most important E3 streams, and Qtoid isn’t going anywhere, but everything moves so dang fast. I wanted to also have a centralized place for everyone to share their thoughts, especially during a time when many of us are particularly stoked about new games.

You know the rules — be cool. Be good to one another. Otherwise, have at it.

Bring your gifs, bring your takes, and have a fun weekend!