Destructoid Impulse is now entering the realm of audio!


Through SoundCloud!

That’s right! Don’t like those troublesome frames-per-second? Does opening your eyes reveal the truth in all things and the knowledge that we’re in the darkest timeline? Been there, man. It’s rough. But, that’s okay, because Impulse is the cure you need — now delivered conveniently in a compact mp3 format through SoundCloud!

So, if you enjoy a mini-podcast format and two people shooting the shit on various topics within video games, then you’re in the right place! We have five episodes up currently, with a range of topics including covering the latest Nintendo Direct in the first two episodes, the Call of Duty Blackout open beta, the PlayStation Classic, and Sony finally allowing cross-play!

Going forward, for each Impulse post we’ll be sure to include the SoundCloud version for those who just prefer to listen. So, whether you’re commuting to work, grinding in a JRPG, or contemplating existence — now you can do so while two dudes wax cynical on video games to really put things into perspective.