Developer blog: Boss 101 release date announced


November 2nd, 2017 – less than 4 weeks away

[The developer of this game maintains a blog in our community. Here’s news straight from the boss’s mouth! -papa]

We have been working on this game for over three years and the date is finally here. Really crazy stuff and we are excited and anxious about getting the game to you. All the updates, all the development and testing. It will all be in your hands soon.

We would also like to thank YOU personally for your patience. We know it’s not easy to wait for a game you want to play. We appreciate your patience and think you will agree it was worth the extra time. We’ve said it before but we certainly didn’t expect this game to go as long as it did. That extra time was about adding in the nice touches we felt were needed. Things like UI improvements, gameplay modes, tweaks to enemy behaviors, extra guns, extra levels, and on and on.

Release Date:November 2nd, 2017Price:$9.99Boss 101 Steam Store Page: wishlist us if you would be so kind!

Overall thoughts

What a journey! Boss 101 started over three years ago with the idea to remake the web game. It blew up from there when I (Tim) was lucky enough to team up with two incredibly talented people (Manon and Joshua). The game has evolved so much and the driving design ideas were always “Is this fun? Will people enjoy this? Is this a cool surprise?”

Boss 101 aims to bring you the most entertainment we can deliver for your hard earned money.

Game price is $9.99 and we are looking at running a game launch discount for early purchasers. We want you to have the best price we can offer (and stay in business of course! Haha)

What’s left to do?

Mostly play testing. The last few weeks have been centered on playing the game and cleaning up things to make the user experience better. That will continue. We have more updates and videos planned too so stay tuned for those.

There are still tweaks for gameplay coming but all of that is relatively minor against the scope of the game. You can check out a new Twitch stream below for some examples. All in all though – things are looking pretty good.

New Gameplay Streams from Gaming Creations

Watch HYPE! Boss 101 is here!!! And Why didn’t anyone tell me my mic was so loud!! (sorry) from GamingCreations on

Hat Store Displays

Let’s talk about some additions to the hat store to make things easier to read and understand.

So we had an older setup in the store and of course we felt it was so easy to look at and comprehend. Well, let’s be honest here I (Tim) felt it was working as designed. Made sense to me! Of course that is not always the best barometer and playtesting proved we could use a little oomph to clear things up.

What were are talking about is the way hats display their abilities to the player. We have icons for powers and they give you various buffs against bosses. All hats are effectively benefit hats in Boss 101. We don’t have hats that hurt you or limit abilities. Hats will protect and grant bonuses and some are for looks. Knowing that we had to look at some of the symbology we were using.

The buff hats – First we replaced all the down arrows with little blue shields. That alone made things clearer about the hat’s abilities.

Close up of the icon work old and new

We also increased the number size on the display to make it more legible. Believe me there is a LONG story of how we got all these crazy hats with all these crazy abilities. HAHAH! At any rate – numbers got bigger but the real deal was in the hat info panel.

New Numbers Sizes and Icons in the Hat Store

In the Make A Room

Check out what we did here. We added a larger version of the number but the topper for us was the placement of the hat number at the end of the description with a percentage. We think that percentage makes it pretty clear how the hat works since we felt it was a little nebulous to people at first. Check out these examples.

Guide Panel with percentages and new design

Various Hats and Stats

Old and new Comparison

Ok folks, we still have lots to do in preparation for release so we’ll leave you here. Check out the Steam Store page and please wishlist us – WE HAVE A DATE NOW and it’s close! Maybe Boss 101 isn’t your thing and that’s OK but perhaps a friend might be interested. We’d love you to pass along the good word about the game and help us get as many eyes on it as possible. We promise you won’t be disappointed to recommend this game to a friend!

Thank you again and talk with you soon.

Of course, remember toLIVE YOUR DREAMS!

Talk with you soon!


Boss 101 Info RoundupRelease Date:November 2nd, 2017Price:$9.99Boss 101 Steam Store Page: wishlist us if you would be so kind!