Developer claims that Wi-Fi glitch is blame for some Switch framerate drops


Go try it for yourself

According to several sources at Nintendo Life, you might be getting some framerate drops on the Switch because of a flaw with the system’s Wi-Fi feature.

While I have not been able to verify these claims (I haven’t noticed a difference in anything), an anonymous third-party Switch developer spoke to Nintendo Life, and stated that they have researched and confirmed the issue, and Nintendo is reportedly working on a firmware fix. Allegedly, if you go in and turn the “auto connect” feature off in the options menu, you’ll have a smoother framerate across most of the Switch’s lineup.

Supposedly the fix isn’t fullproof, and in highly intensive areas in Breath of the Wild, you’ll still get inherent framerate issues. Since I never had any major problems to date, I’m just going to wait on the fix that may or may not be in the works. In the meantime you can safely test out this theory on your own with the non-risky menu option.

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