Devil May Cry director's project 'progressing smoothly,' apologizes for no show at E3


Devil May Cry 5?

Hideaki Itsuno is a pretty interesting guy. He directed the “we generally don’t acknowledge this exists” Devil May Cry 2, but learned from his mistakes and ended heading up Devil May Cry 3, one of the best action games ever made. He then went on to helm Devil May Cry 4 and the beloved Dragon’s Dogma. My dude has low key worked on a ton of great games, and is constantly pitching ones I want to see, like new entries for Capcom vs. SNK and Rival Schools.

Another one that’s in the rumor mill is Devil May Cry 5, which Itsuno may be working on, and was expected at E3 this year. Well, nothing came of that, and Itsuno himself took to Twitter to announce, “Sorry to not announce anything at E3. Please wait as my project is progressing smoothly.” Good news to be sure, but we’ll have to wait and see what that actually is.

Hideaki Itsuno [Twitter]