Devolver Digital promises over a dozen more games on Switch this year


What are you hoping to see pop up?

It sounds like Devolver Digital is only just getting started on Nintendo Switch and that news fills my indie-loving heart with happiness. The publisher says it has plans for “over a dozen releases” on the platform this year including ports, new games, and as-yet-unannounced projects. Let’s go.

Counting back catalog releases, new games, and unannounced projects we have over a dozen releases for Nintendo Switch still to come this year! More details soon…

— Devolver Digital (@devolverdigital) July 5, 2018

Off the top of my head, we can expect the Switch to get games like Minit, Broforce, Reigns: Kings & Queens, Pikuniku, and My Friend Pedro. My fingers are firmly crossed for Hotline Miami and Downwell, the latter of which would be so wonderful with a vertical screen option and that Flip Grip accessory.

Even just thinking about existing games, Devolver should have a hell of a year on Switch.

Devolver Digital [Twitter]