Diablo pirate pays up in person 19 years later


Heart-warming end to GDC

In a much more tender (than poop-suicide) end to the Game Developers Conference, at today’s post-mortem talk on the first Diablo, writer Shivam Bhatt stepped up during the Q&A session of the talk to apologize to Diablo creator David Brevik for pirating the game as a teenager in 1997.

Bhatt gave Brevik some cash in a part symbolic, part class move simply out of the atmosphere of yours truly, the man who saw an abandoned, 3/4ths-drunk 40 oz Cobra sitting in a subway station this week and thought, “I could probably drink the rest of that.”

GDC can really be a saccharine, nice-as-hell time with good people for as much snark as I’ll drop about utilikilts, virtual reality, and albatross-around-the-neck badge spotting sometimes miles from the convention center.

I hope Brevik plans to split the cash with all his former Blizzard North co-workers putting everyone on track towards buying 1/3 of a Cobra.

Well that was surreal. I totally went and paid @davidbrevik for the copy of Diablo I pirated in 1997. pic.twitter.com/lcR1GNnbgc

— Shivam Bhatt (@elektrotal) March 18, 2016

That was incredible! I was stunned. Thank you so very much! https://t.co/FGpynruv66

— David Brevik (@davidbrevik) March 19, 2016

(my Twitter handle? The name of my first Diablo character mashed with my first Dragonlance character. Apologizing to Brevik mattered.)

— Shivam Bhatt (@elektrotal) March 19, 2016