Dino Run devs create their own crowdfunding system


To fix the ills of Kickstarter culture

Dino Run 2 had a well-run Kickstarter. The campaign was as updated multiple times a week, and the game looked fully featured and fun. As a result, it gained a lot of support from a very passionate fan base.Still, the game didn’t quite amass the funding it needed to beproduced, though surprisingly enough,Dino Run co-creator Miles Tilman says that the campaign’s “… failurewas one of the best things that has happened to [his] company.”

That’s part of why Dino Run is back on the crowdfunding track, now with its very own custom made resource allocation and reward system, ready to grow the game in the ways that will work best for everyone. The plan is to avoid a myriad of problems with typical crowdfunding efforts, including the need for a “…a hyped-up story that sells everyone on our idea” and “a sense of urgency with an all-or-nothing funding model and [a] gamble that what we ask for is enough to complete the work”. Miles’s post on the subject reads like a laundry list of familiar complaints about the way most Kickstarters are run, and is worth a look for anyone who’s grown disenchanted with the service.

You can read more about why Miles and the team at PixelJAM aren’t all that fond of Kickstarter here, and check out the Dino Run DX crowd funding and rewards page here.