Dirt will be flying when MXGP Pro releases this July


Check out the Compound

Milestone S.r.l. is releasing so many games this year, it’s difficult to keep track of them all. Earlier in 2018 saw the release of Monster Energy Supercross and Gravel, next month marks the launch of MotoGP 18, and later this year it’s releasing Ride 3. Sandwiched between those last two is MXGP Pro, the next entry in the MXGP franchise.

Pro will introduce several new features to the series that have already been implemented into other games from the developers. Players will be able to greatly customize their bikes with new gear and sponsorships,the implementation of Unreal Engine 4 — now the standard for Milestone games –will allow for better physicals and visual details, and players will be able to practice to their heart’s content with the new Compound.

I had a chance to try out MXGP Pro in San Francisco last week. Coming off of Monster Energy Supercross, I wasn’t too impressed with the look of the game. The graphics are fine, but the track designs, while authentic, are quite dull. Even when I changed it to a sunny day and selected what I was told was one of the prettiertracks, it was nothing to write home about. But that goes with the sport itself. Motocross tracks aren’t exactly known as eye candy.

I do appreciate the new Compound. This semi-open world area features two tracks, one Supercross and one Motocross, as well as various trails and paths to test your skills on and to get a feel for how the bikes ride. I still had the muscle memory of Monster Energy in my hands when I picked up the controller for my playthrough, so I did very well once I realized the tracks here are skinnier than their North American counterparts.

MXGP Pro will launch in North America on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on July 10.