Disc Creatures, a monster-collecting RPG, hits Steam soon


You aren’t a trainer, you’re a ‘Disc Ranger’

I could get down with Disc Creatures, a retro monster-collecting RPG running on borrowed nostalgia, but only in the right place, at the right time. With an October 17 launch planned for PC, I’m not sure if the timing works in its favor there are so many enticing video games to play right now, you all! but I’m curious. A lot of people hunting for Pokémon-esque Steam games probably will be too.

It looks cute. Nothing too crazy, and nothing we haven’t really seen before, but cute.

As we’ve covered, Disc Creatures has a substantial roster and runtime. There are 200 monsters to collect (most of which you’ll quickly forget about in favor of the lucky few that garner your true affection), and the story is 20-some hours long. Apart from publishing help from Dangen Entertainment, this whole game is a solo project. It’s the work of Satto, a Japanese indie developer.

“When I was a kid, I was really into games that had a lot of unique monsters,” said Satto. “Monster-themed games came out one after another, and among these titles, a variety of interesting monsters were born. I was influenced by this and used to show off the monsters I thought up and drew on the edge of my notebook to my friends. Disc Creatures is a game I’ve made without forgetting the monsters that were born on the edge of that notebook.”

I’ve always flocked to these games more for the collecting than the stories or battles, and based on the trailer, that carrot-on-a-stick appeal looks like Disc Creatures‘ strong suit. Fingers crossed!