Disgaea 5 is heading to the Switch


‘Complete Edition’ adds some new features

There were several announcements for JRPGs at tonight’s Switch event, but one in particular didn’t seem to get a lot of hype. Disgaea 5 will be coming out on Nintendo’s new platform in a “Complete Edition” that adds several new features to the Strategy Role Playing of the original.

While the story will be the same as the PS4 version, Disgaea 5 Completewill add eight new side-stories in the post game that feature past Disgaea characters. Seven recruitable characters will be added this way, including favorites like Nisa and Girl Laharl. Completewill also add Alliance attacks, a new type of special move that becomes more powerful when you have a strong relationship with a character.

Disgaeaseems like a perfect fit for the Switch, since grind-heavy RPGs and portable consoles go together like bacon and eggs. You can see some artwork and screenshots for the Switch version below. Disgaea 5 Completewill launch both digitally and physically this Spring in North America and Europe, and preorders for the standardand limited editions are now available on the NIS America store.