Dissidia Final Fantasy NT's next character is the Final Fantasy XII baddie



Dissidia Final Fantasy NT is getting even more FFXII representation (beyond Vayne and Vaan) with Gabranth, one of the big bads of theArchadian Empire.

Revealed by way of a livestream and an introductory trailer (below), Gabranth will cut it up with his dual blades later this month in arcades, and on October 10 in the form of DLC. His Dissidiamoveset will allow him to combine his weapons together, toss them for a ranged attack, and slice and dice rapidly up close. He also has the aesthetic ability to lose his helmet in battle.

Although we could have had crazier choices (I want to see more XIV and XV representation as a lot of these older franchises have been in prior Dissidia games already), I always appreciated Gabranth’s design, and his instantly recognizable getup should add some clout to the roster. Years back the Dissidia NTheads noted that they kind of just wanted to keep adding DLC until someone told them to stop, and I hope that’s still the plan.

A “Game of the Year” edition with like 20+ DLC characters would be a rad pickup one day.