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Do any of Splatoon's online shortcomings bother you?

No voice chat still a problem?

Splatoonis here, and our review was commented on more than The Witcher 3orHatred, which surprised me. People had a lot to say about Nintendo’s newest shooter, and not everything was positive — a lot of folks were bothered by the lack of online options available.

As I’ve said before, the lack of voice chat doesn’t really bother me for unranked games, which is where I spend most of my time. While it would be nice to have it as an option for ranked (where everyone has to “opt-in” so to speak), unranked games are builtfor fun and ease of play. You’re supposed to just go in, paint some stuff, and leave.

Content-wise, I’m mostly fine with Splatoon. While new modes and such would be great, I’m still going back through the campaign from time to time, as well as finishing up all three amiibo challenge circuits, so it’s not like I’m boredwith it after I’ve gone through the same few maps over and over.

Finally, no consistent matchmaking with friends really sucks, but again, I spend most of my time in carefree unranked mode, so I’m not too bothered by it. It is coming in the first big August update though if this is a dealbreaker.

But what about you? Is any one thing preventing you from buying Splatoon?

Which of Splatoon’s online limitations bother you the most?

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