Do you need this Pikachu train conductor holiday ornament? Yes, yes you do


The Little Pika That Could

I’m on the hunt for cute stuff today, maybe a subconscious effort to offset the emotional bummer of the days now being shorter and darker and colder. The temporary cure for seasonal affective disorder is Pikachu driving a Christmas train. Choo choo, pika pika.

A newPokémon Center original is a holiday figurine where Pikachu drives the Delibird Express, Eevee hangs out by the smoke stack, and Pichu looks on in glee. It is certifiably cute. The description notes that every figure is hand-painted. It runs $40.

This is the first in a four-part series ofPokémon aboard the Delibird Holiday Express. Others include a Dragonite draped in Christmas lights, an Alolan Vulpix blowing ice on top of a boxcar, and a Slowpoke bringing up the tail end while lazing atop a gingerbread house.ThePokémon Center plans to release a new figurine every Monday in November. A better look at the Pikachu figurine (along with an overview of the whole Delibird line) can be seen in the gallery below.

Delibird Holiday Express Pikachu Engine Figure [ThePokémon Center]