Do you still care about Call of Duty?


Did you ever?

Ha,Call of Duty.

What’s crazy about it is at least here at Destructoid, it gains the ire of many commenters who want nothing to do with the series — but lots of people tune in to read about it and it still sells millions. People are even interested in catching up with the latest DLC for it, and although many sites are obligated to at least review its initial launch, many tune out entirely after that. The franchise still has staying power, but with who?

In my mind though, Treyarch and Sledgehammer Games have done a decent job at keeping things interesting (both have zombie modes), even if Infinity Ward has been slipping with its lackluster Ghostsand the underwhelming Infinite Warfare reveal. Although a lot of my friends are done with the series (many quit after Advanced), I’m still interested in it, mostly due to the efforts of the former two developers.

I want to hear what you think though.

Are you generally interested in Call of Duty?