Does anyone remember Legend of Kay?


If you do, is it a classic?

Legend of Kay is a 3D platformer action-adventure title starring Kay, a cat who uses his claws in “meow-tial arts” as well as weaponry to fight evil gorillas who have been oppressing cat kind. So the game is about a species war, I guess?

Nordic Games is remastering the PS2 “classic” (their words) Legend of Kay for its 10th anniversary and releasing it as a budget title on Wii U, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and PC. I hadn’t heard of the game till today, so calling it a classic makes little sense as it doesn’t fit any definition of the word.

Let’s take a look at some quotes about the game from the original PS2 version’s Metacritic page and see if critics thought it was bound to be a classic at the time.

“The voice work is about as desirable as using a cheese grater to get rid of itchy skin.” –GamerFeed

Kay is just plain dullsville.” –Game Informer

“Feels like an action-platformer for masochistic, smart-aleck kids.” –Official U.S. PlayStation Magazine

Doesn’t sound very classic to me, but what do you say? Do you remember Legend of Kay and if so, is it classic enough to deserve a remaster?