Don't wait up on the Beyond Good & Evil 2 beta, it isn't until 'end of next year'


It sounded good announcing it on stage

Straight from the mouth of Ubisoft’s Michel Ancel, the Beyond Good & Evil 2 beta isn’t coming until ‘the end of 2019.’ It sure sounded triumphant to announce it on stage at E3, stating that users could sign up now, but yeah, it’s a ways off — some folks are even joking that this project won’t even arrive this generation.

That’s basically all the info we’re getting for now.Beyond Good & Evil 2 exists, and Ubisoft can cook up some cool looking trailers for it (anyone else feel like they toned down the “I just found out what curse words are” writing from the first video?) — but beyond (ha) that we’re basically in the dark.

Hopefully it’ll deliver when it’s released during the era of flying cars.

Michel Ancel [Instagram via Eurogamer]